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PRO RUBBER is an Australian-owned company focusing on providing high-quality lining material systems to the resource and infrastructure sectors. Our goal is to be the leading provider of lining systems across rubber, ceramics and associated linings – with a capability of extending to custom fabricated rubber products, supply of sheet rubber, blasting, PVC piping and painting services.

With operations from our large Welshpool facility and our mobile team sites, typical application of our products and services are implemented in the lining and coating of chemical and process equipment, linings for abrasion and wear resistance, roller, pulley and custom fabrications.
As one of Western Australia’s leading rubber lining suppliers, we offer rubber selection advice, rubber lining material systems, rubber fabrication and application services – with a focus on providing customers with a quality lining solution for abrasion resistance as required in mineral processing. This includes chemical-resistant rubber lining of tanks, vessels, piping, and equipment for corrosive chemical applications such as acid plants, electrowinning cells and water treatment plants.

The mining industry operates in some of the toughest environments imaginable. Reliability is vital and it is essential that suppliers to the industry provide products that guarantee performance and the maximum amount of operation time.



From our custom rubber to our stock of quality brands, all products supplied by Pro Rubber are uniquely designed to meet your requirements, no matter how strenuous they may be.


At Pro Rubber, we can design custom rubber lining in WA based on your specifications and requirements. We are also proud to stock a wide range of materials from the most trusted brands in the industry.
Rubber lining provides a cost-effective method to protect investments and reduce ongoing maintenance costs. In the case of equipment refurbishment involving replacement of worn or damaged linings, high pressure water stripping can be utilised for removal prior to fabrication repairs and modification. Rubber has long been recognised for its ability to maintain asset protection for the mining, mineral & industrial processing sectors.
We work closely with our clients in providing advice, products and services, with a commitment to supplying Australian and international companies with dependable products for any operation.



Ball Mill seal

The operation of ball mills places severe wear and corrosion loads on the structural integrity of the equipment. Lining of the internal surfaces of the mill shell prior to lifter bar installation can be carried out in a range of rubber grades to suit.


Trommel rotary screening equipment is subjected to high wear from the flow of material both through and along the screening media. In addition to rubber lining the support structure, rubber spiral flow guides and lifter bars can be installed.


The high vibratory applied loads involved in screening will lead to premature abrasion induced failure if adequate protection is not installed. The flexibility of rubber is perfectly matched to handle these vibrations and reduce wear losses. 

site work

Pro Rubber have experience in carrying out rubber lining installation and lining repairs on a wide range of sites. Repairs to abrasion and chemical resistant linings can be undertaken.

slurry processing

Handling of high velocity slurries is one of the most arduous application in the mineral processing sector. Changes in flow direction can lead to turbulent flow patterns leading to increased wear on equipment.

Dust Suppression Curtains

The purpose of dust curtains is to act as a sealing system at the load exit zone. Dust curtains are placed with one curtain at the exit point of the loading zone and one curtain approximately 500mm back into the loading zone.

Enquire now for industry leading expertise and advice about material flow and abrasion characteristics.

Our goal is to utilise the methodology to ensure longevity of the installed lining system – with expertise in this area that sets us apart from our competitors in the industry. Contact us for all your rubber lining and protective coating needs.

Choose the most dedicated rubber sheet suppliers in Australia, with an expert team of passionate engineers that implement each and every job with the same dedication and sophistication. Whether you’re looking for ceramic or rubber applicators, we’re your best bet.

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