Pro Rubber is focused on delivering high quality lining material systems to the resource and infrastructure sectors.

Our goal is to be the leading provider of lining systems across rubber, ceramics and associated linings. Our capability extends to custom rubber fabrications, supply of sheet rubber and blasting and painting services. Work is carried out at our large Welshpool facility and at sites by our mobile teams. Typical applications for our products and services is for the lining and coating of chemical and process equipment, linings for
abrasion and wear resistance, roller, pulley and custom fabrications.
Pro Rubber offers rubber selection advice, rubber lining material systems and application services. Our focus is on providing customers with a quality lining solution for abrasion resistance as expected in mineral processing as well as chemical resistant rubber lining of tanks, vessels, piping, and equipment for corrosive chemical applications such as acid plants, electrowinning cells and water treatment plants. Rubber lining provides a cost-effective method to protect the client’s investments and reduce ongoing maintenance costs.
In the case of equipment refurbishment involving replacement of worn or damaged linings high pressure water stripping can be utilized for removal prior to fabrication repairs and modification being undertaken.
In addition to installation and repair services, we assist our customers with management of the linings we install by offering a turnkey lined tank and vessel maintenance program. Our goal is to ensure that the correct care and maintenance programme is utilized to effectively promote the longevity of the installed lining system. Our expertise in this area sets us apart from our competitors in the WA rubber linings industry.
To help ensure quality and timely delivery Pro Rubber offers a one stop service including abrasive blasting prior to rubber lining and the application of protective coatings. Where other lining systems such as ceramic, plastic and polyurethane are required Pro Rubber can carry out their installation inhouse. 
Pro Rubber’s new 7,000 m2 facility in Welshpool with multiple overhead cranage of 15 ton and 20 ton offers our clients a turnkey service at one location. A dedicated surface treatment
facility provides a quality finish with its own cranage. Our facility allows for truck unloading under craneage with a full drive round facility. Adequate lay down area including 300 m2 under a canopy allows for simplified materials handling and storage.